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Monday December 18 2017

Put a note in your Diary today! This is the day that you found the affordable website package (just £295) that can give you a hugely profitable online side to your business.

What is Diary Filler?

Diary Filler is a website package that allows you to have your own unique design with your own branding and also offers the below in-built features;

  • Booking Calendar so customers can view appointment times you have free and book online
  • Admin section so you can edit these booking and also send messages out to specific users or even groups of users if you have a special promotion or event
  • Within the admin section you can also add new pages, edit content and also add new products
  • Shopping Cart so that customers can buy your products online
  • Testimonial page where customers can leave comments which you can make live through your admin section which in turn will instantly display them on your website
  • Contact form which emails enquries to you and stores them in a database so you can download them as a spreadsheet (Excel) for reviewing past enquiries
  • Latest news page so you can add regular info to your website through your admin section
  • Newsletter function so you can get customer to sign up to receive a regular email from you that you can create in your admin section and easily send out to all customer

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